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The one thing I like about doing this job is that I am never bored. There is always something to do and together with the variety of tasks keeps me occupied and brain active.

The first newsworthy topic is that we achieved our goal of changing our charitable status to becoming a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ or CIO for short. This involved setting up a new charity and closing the old one; a prolonged process but worthwhile. So we now have a new registered charity number.

During the year we were unfortunate to pick up a very bad computer virus which we dealt with appropriately but the incident made us look at our computer processes and back up systems. The result of this was the approval of updating the computers and installing an automatic system backup which has now been completed.

As a consequence of this the management team reviewed the office arrangements, what the various rooms were used for and was that arrangement still suitable for our needs.

The final product, now almost completed, has meant Irene moving her office to one with a window, her old office becoming a resource centre for the counsellors and the finance office moving into the general office.

The payment of some sessional counselling has proved to be a success, so much so that the trustees have increased the budget in order to extend it.

Finally the IAPT work we provide for the NHS is continuing satisfactorily and is now accounting for approximately 30% of our income.

Robin Jones, Administrator

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