I started counselling in December 2009.

At the time I didn't know I needed it. It happened because I disagreed about how my parents were being with me, and my feelings that they were treating me like a child. This resulted in my going to stay with a friend. My relationship with my Dad was very hard and I had moved out before for the same reason. When I went home to collect my things, and talk to my Mum, she said that me and my Dad needed counselling, some help with our relationship. I said that if he would, I would. Dad agreed.

My Mum got the number for The Magdalene Project and we arranged to go. We were both given the chance to talk about what was upsetting us, or annoying us.

The next session was after the Christmas period, when we discussed how things has been, and what was to happen next. It was decided to have several sessions individually, then come back together.

Counselling has helped me to come to terms with losing my Granddad, and so move on. Also it has shown me, so I now understand what my parents were trying to teach me. They were not nagging; they wanted the best for me.

My relationship with my Dad is now great. I can talk to him about anything, give him a hug, and tell him I love him. I no longer have to worry about his reaction because he has changed also.

Now we have things to talk about, and also I am a real part of the family now.

Thank you.

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