Dear Friendstree

At this busy time of year we can be distracted from the real reason of this joyful season with the glitter, tinsel and commercial trappings. But as Christians we gaze with awe and wonder at the divine and fully human Presence of the Christ Child, and celebrate His love, peace and Hope for the world. We like the Shepherds are invited to come and worship, and make room in our hearts this Christmas and to honour Him as Lord and Saviour of our lives. May He do a miracle in your heart so that you can receive all He wants to impart to you and see glimpses of His glory that surprise and bless you.

For many Christmas isn’t a good time of year please join us in praying for those suffering a great sense of loss from broken damaged relationships, those relying on foodbanks, the lonely the isolated and the homeless etc.

Please pray for the clients we work with at Magdalene. For some Christmas is a very painful time as memories remind them of traumatic experiences and abandonment from those who should have cared. We pray they will experience the Love, Hope and Peace of our Saviour deep within as they work through their traumatic life stories. We rejoice over the many lives that have been saved this year and that have been freed from years of torment through fear, guilt, shame and unforgiveness. We thank God for His healing love and grace that has made massive differences and enabled a closer and deepened journey in faith.

We are praying and hoping we will be opening the Nelson premises in the New Year but haven’t a date as yet. This will be a wonderful resource to counsel more clients in the needy area of Pendle.

We thank you very much for your generous financial and prayerful support this year that has enabled us to keep going. The need is so great, and more challenging than ever before. Please continue to stand with us and continue supporting the project, we really appreciate you and need your on-going help. We bless you in the Lord and thank Him for you.

giftsPrayer meetings are on the third Thursday every month at 9.30 am if you would like to join us. These are very refreshing times that are such a blessing.

Prayer Diary Prayer means a lot to us as it is the powerhouse of God. We will be sending out a Prayer diary to start in January for you to pray along with us each day throughout the year for our monthly specific needs.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year filled with hope.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Pauline Ellison (Project Director)

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