dolorosaDear Friends,

When Jesus walked towards the cross, he walked along the Via Dolorosa in the old city of Jerusalem, a path or route meaning Way of grief or Way of sorrow or Way of suffering.

It was a journey that only Jesus himself could make – a journey he was making for our sake, to release resurrection life to you and me.

But Jesus was open to compassion from whoever offered it, as part of his plan of love from all eternity.

dolorosa1 Jesus was helped along the Via Dolorosa by Simon of Cyrene, who was pulled out unexpectedly from the crowd to help carry Jesus’ cross; for Simon this was both a burden and privilege. Veronica is thought to have wiped Jesus’ forehead with a cloth, and other women voiced the pain and injustice of the situation. Each of these people was helping Jesus in his struggle and torment for love of the world. They entered into his suffering with him. His mother Mary is likely to have been by the roadside, overwhelmed with grief, but had also helped from conception, giving him life and shelter. Jesus lets us see his need of us. Although it is Jesus alone who makes eternal life possible for each of us, he wants us to be with him, and also welcomes us to be with him in his suffering. Sometimes Jesus’ responses surprise us, but where often the compassion of Jesus is present, a life-giving outcome takes place. God is not indifferent to our suffering and pain. Jesus shows us he shares our sorrows and grief. Many of those seeking support at The Magdalene Project have experienced sorrow, suffering and grief, and The Magdalene Project offers time and space for someone to make their particular journey in its different stages towards restoration and wholeness.                                                                                            

We continue to meet to pray monthly on the 3rd Thursday 9.30 to 10.30am, do join us if you can you would be very welcome. As we bring our needs and concerns to God, we also bring heartfelt gratitude to God for answered prayer, needs met and lives changed, and we have also been experiencing times of refreshing. Thank you so much for your prayerful support of the work and ministry of The Magdalene Project. Please pray specifically for all those connected with The Project at this point in vulnerable situations, for protection and restoration, and also for the needs of Magdalene’s ongoing practical work. Thank you. Your prayer really does make a difference.      

Our next prayer dates are:  

Thursday 18th *April 16th *May 20th *June 20th *July 18th    

With Easter blessings,


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